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Parade Laps

Created on Saturday, 18 Jan 2014 22:31:55

It may be a world-famous racing circuit, but not everyone wants to hurtle around the track at high speed… 

There are various options available where you can take part in a low-speed parade lap session, enjoying a few laps of the circuit in convoy behind a course car.

Lunchtime parade session 

During the lunchtime break (13.00 to 13.30), we arrange a special parade lap session where visitors to the event can take part in a low-speed parade around the circuit in convoy behind a course car. 

This is ideal for families with children under 17, who for insurance reasons aren’t allowed to be passengers on the fast-lapping sessions, but all visitors to the event are welcome to take part, provided they have signed on in advance. 

In the interests of safety, speeds are restricted to 30-40 mph – just enough to enjoy the rare opportunity to drive on a real race circuit, and for the children in the car to have a good look around and to wave to all the spectators who will be cheering you on… 

Listen out for announcements on the day, but we ask the drivers to report to the Strawford Centre to sign an indemnity taking responsibility for their passengers, and pay a one-off £10 fee per car. 

( Note that this also entitles you take part in the grand finale parade lap session at 4.45 - 5.00 pm. 
Drivers taking part in the parade lap session will also be asked to attend a short briefing session in the Strawford Centre at 12.00 before lining their cars up by 12.45, ready to join the circuit session at 13.00.

Club parade lap sessions

There is also the option for clubs to arrange a special low-speed parade lap session, for their members to drive around the circuit in convoy.

This will cost £10 per car (an indemnity form must be signed by the driver) and the pass will also allow free entry to the grand finale parade lap session at 4.45 – 5.00 pm.

Club reps should contact us in advance to discuss arrangements for club parade laps. E-mail us at: [email protected]

Grand Finale parade lap session

Making a spectacular sight to finish the event off at 4.45 – 5.00 pm is a grand finale parade lap session at low speed around the circuit.

Anyone interested in taking part should sign on at the Strawford Centre and pay the £10 fee to receive a pass (an indemnity form must be signed by the driver).

Note that anyone who has already taken part in the lunchtime family parade lap, or any of the club parade laps, also Concours and Show ’n’ Shine cars, as well as anyone with a track pass, will be entitled to take part in the grand finale parade at no extra cost.

The grand finale parade lap session makes a perfect end to a perfect day and it’s an amazing sight to see, and even more exciting to take part in!


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